01 - My Account

An introduction to the My Account area of MapSpace including how to manage your territory maps, location maps and additional users.


02 - Create A Territory Map

How to create a new Territory Map and create your first territory.


03 - Edit Territories

How to edit territories and add Postcode Districts to an existing territory.


04 - Create A Location Map

How to create a new location map in MapSpace and plot your customer or supplier locations.


05 - Edit A Location Map

How to edit a location map in MapSpace.


06 - Search For Postcodes

Searching for Postcodes in MapSpace and how they are used for building territories and finding map locations.


07 - Import and Export Territories

How to import your spread sheet of territories into MapSpace automatically and create a stunning territory map.


08 - Import and Export Locations

How to import a spread sheet of Postcode locations into MapSpace automatically.


09 - Routing Between Locations

How to route between two locations in MapSpace.


10 - Using Location Groups

Using location groups in MapSpace to organise your customers, suppliers or other Postcode locations.


11 - User Accounts

How to use User Accounts in MapSpace to share your territory and location maps.


12 - Controlling Map Layers

How to control map layers and labels in MapScape to improve map viewing.

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