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Territory MappingTerritory Mapping

Create Postcode based territories to organise your sales teams and franchises quickly and easily and view your coverage. Learn more

Map LocationsMap Locations

Plot locations just using a Postcode simply by clicking on the map or uploading your own list. Learn more

Share MapsShare Maps

With a Business Account, create your territory and location maps and share them online with your colleagues. Learn more


Import your customer or supplier locations and find the quickest route two of them by using Google routing. Learn more

Import TerritoriesImport Territories

Already have territories defined by Postcode? Simply upload a text file to your account and have MapSpace create the map. Learn more

Subscription Mapping Service

MapSpace is an online mapping service that helps businesses of all sizes across the UK plan and manage business territories simply and cost-effectively to improve operational performance and profitability. Learn more

For as little as the price of a paper map, you can plan your business territories and plot customer locations with just a few mouse clicks Learn more

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