Territory Mapping

Territory Mapping

Sales territories, engineer areas, retail catchments, distribution zones or franchise areas; most businesses need to define operational geographic areas for their business; often using Postcodes as the building blocks.

MapSpace makes it easy to create new territories, give them names and group Postcodes together to create seamless and efficient operational areas. You can create territories in MapSpace and share them with other colleagues, export the Postcode listings to use in other applications and use MapSpace to quickly direct customers or prospects to the appropriate company contact.

MapSpace allows you to create territories from Postcode Areas (e.g. UB), Postocde Districts (e.g. UB7) or Postcode Sectors (e.g. UB7 0) and allows you to add as many Postcode areas to your territories as required.

If you have territory structures already defined for your business,you can use MapSpace's Import tool to quickly import your territory structures and view them on a MapSpace map.

To see how territories work in action, have a look at our Territory Tutorials.

Location Mapping

Location Maps

Most businesses operate geographically, whether you have a retail network, distributors, suppliers or customers and therefore the ability to plot the distribution of Postcoded locations is essential to business efficiency.

MapSpace allows you to search for Postcodes or other locations and add them to your map with a name and a coloured marker at the click of a button.

You can group locations into Groups with different colours to keep them organised and also use Googles routing technology to route between two locations.

And if you have thousands of locations to plot then MapSpace has an import tool to ready in a list of Postcodes and plot them automatically for you to produce a distriubtion map in seconds.

To see Location maps in actrion have a look at our location map tutorials


MapSpace is available as a Personal Account allowing just a single log in or as a Business Account which allows up to 10 users to share the account. Both types of account provide the same funcionality but the Business Account allows you to share map creation amongst several people or simply share the maps you create with up to 9 other people.

In the My Account section, you can perform the following tasks:

  1. Create, edit or delete territory and location maps
  2. Change your password
  3. View your subscription details
  4. Add/ remove additional users (Business Account Only).

For more information on managing your MapSpace account, have a look at our Administration tutorial.

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